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Agency Committee

To facilitate communication with FHA, VA, Rural Housing, GSEs, MHDC, etc. and provide information to the membership.


To monitor pending housing-related legislation at both the state and federal level and report to the membership at the monthly general membership meeting or more frequently as needed. To review all proposed legislation with MBA of Missouri lobbyist and national MBA staff and draft position recommendations for consideration by the Board and the membership.

Special Projects Committee – Homers for the Homeless

Responsible for promoting a positive public image and general awareness of the Association among related industries and the public at large. Leads the annual Homers for the Homeless campaign. Identifies fund raising opportunities, public relations opportunities, submits potential opportunities to the Board of Governors for approval, then implements and administers the approved plans.

Education Committee

Responsible for identifying topics on which the MBA of St. Louis membership would benefit from educational sessions. Support the goals and purpose of the Association through awareness, education and compliance.

Meetings, Programs and Speakers

To secure the speaker for each general membership meeting and work with the Executive Director to select the venue, meal, and other details.

Membership & Sponsorship

To solicit firms and individuals eligible for membership in the Association, and investigate the character and qualifications of applicants for membership.  Included in these responsibilities are: mailing of membership applications, review and processing applications, checking references, submitting to the membership for comments 10 days prior to each Board meeting, bringing before the Secretary and Board of Governors for approval.

Special Projects Committee – Summer Outing

To be responsible for coordinating the Annual Summer Outing/Golf Tournament as a fundraiser for the MBA of St. Louis, including solicitation of golfers, sponsors and auction donations. Work with the Executive Director on all logistics for the event.

Publicity and Technology

Responsible for promoting a positive public image and general awareness of the Association among related industries and the public at large through reporting to the newspaper and other publications matters of general public interest concerning the Association or its work and such public advertising as might be desirable for the Association.

To be responsible for partnering with the Executive Director to develop and maintain a robust website containing information of value to the membership and the community, and to disseminate information on new technology to the membership.

Fair Lending and Quality Control

To support the goals and purpose of the organization through awareness, education and compliance as they relate to Fair Lending and Quality Control issues.

Servicing Committee

To keep membership abreast of new developments and changes in loan servicing.  The Servicing Committee shall serve as an informal “user group” to discuss common concerns within loan servicing and to provide servicers with a forum to meet and interact with industry specialists.

Special Projects Committee – Emerging Leaders

To solicit nominations and coordinate selection of Emerging Leaders for additional training across the mortgage process and to schedule events and insure accuracy of training provided.

About us

The St. Louis MBA is committed to the mortgage banking industry and its members adhere to the highest standards in lending. Customer satisfaction, loyalty and trust is the key to being a St. Louis MBA member.

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